Project Details:

Location Balapada Village (Part of Gavtha Gram Panchayat, Palghar district)
Target area Solar Electrification of Home & Street Lights, Water Supply Infrastructure
Beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries 275 Residents (65 families)
Implementing Agency Chirag Rural Development Foundation - NGO

Project Period:

Rural Development at Balapada Village for FY 21

About Chirag Rural Development Foundation:

Chirag Rural Development Foundation was set up in 2011 as an independent NGO. Project Chirag is an initiative of the NGO to light up rural lives using a clean and sustainable energy source.


To provide access to solar power (one of the most viable and sustainable resource available) to villages that have no access to grid electricity around which rural transformation can take place by impacting homes, education, health and livelihood. The residents will be trained in maintenance of equipment which will help in substaining the intiatives taken by the Company.

Solar Electrification & Water Supply Infrastructure at Balapada Village